‘Blackfish’ Orca Sick; SeaWorld Giving ‘Best’ Care

TIlikum Orca (Gerardo Mora / Getty)
Gerardo Mora / Getty

SeaWorld Orlando killer whale Tilikum is receiving the highest level of medical care possible as he faces a deteriorating health condition.

Veterinarian Dr. Scott Gearhart reviews the extensive care that Tilikum is receiving in a new video detailing the whale’s care and condition. Gerhard appears to pause as he delivers the difficult news that Tilikum does have a disease that is “chronic and progressive.” In the video message Gearhart states the desire give a more optimistic prognosis for Tilikum, but the nature of the disease that does not currently have a cure and “at some point might cause his death.”

SeaWorld also announced Tilikum’s deteriorating health via Twitter:

Tilikum received unwanted attention with the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Branchau. Her death and the whale were highlighted in the 2013 anti-SeaWorld movie Blackfish.

Breitbart News previously reported:

Brancheau’s family later released a statement that included the trainer’s belief in the ethical treatment of animals and that, “Dawn would not have remained a trainer at SeaWorld for 15 years if she felt that the whales were not well cared for.”

In January 2015 the SeaWorld organization revealed long-planned massive habitat expansions at three parks. PETA protesters crashed the event, holding signs such as “A bigger prison is still a prison.”

In June 2015 new park operations results showed some possible recovery from the Blackfish depression. After a 4.2 per cent decrease in 2014 park attendence, the first three months of 2015 saw an increase of 5.6 per cent.

Breitbart News previously reported in May 2014:

Last year, California legislators aimed to shut down SeaWorld’s captive breeding program and orca shows, Breitbart News reported. Assembly Bill 2140, the Orca Welfare and Safety Act, was billed as a response to Blackfish. The legislature had called for an additional study and the bill has since died.

The California Coastal Commission made a sideways attempt to force SeaWorld San Diego to stop Orca shows by essentially making it a condition of moving forward with the massive Blue World habitat expansion. The park decided to make changes in their shows, but has also since taken legal action against the California regulatory body over the restrictions.

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