Oregon Man Sues SeaWorld After Trained Hawk Attacks His Support Dog


Oregon resident Robin Revel is throwing the latest punch against SeaWorld San Diego, suing the park after a clash between a trained hawk and his support dog during a visit to the park.

Revel says that during the visit a  hawk owned by Sea World trained to chase away seagulls attacked his dog Yogi. He came down with both feet and just grabbed a hold of him,” Revel told KATU TV. As a result of the incident in which Revel says he fought off the bird, both he and the dog sustained injuries.

Revel’s attorney Daniel Petrov said that the veterinarians who treated Yogi are attributing the K-9’s fungal disease Valley Fever to the attack. The Hawks talons are most likely responsible for transmitting the desease. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Revel suffers from Progressive Chorea and never goes anywhere without the dog.

Veterinarian bills for the two-year-old Pomeranian-Poodle mix have reached an estimated $8,000 according to the U-T. “I want all of our medical paid for and for his medical to be paid for in the future,” Revel told KATU.

SeaWorld San Diego told Breitbart News, “We have not seen a lawsuit and don’t comment on pending litigation.  Safety is and has always been a top priority for SeaWorld.  We strived to ensure our guests have a safe, enjoyable and enriching experience while visiting the park.”

The marine mammal park in San Diego recently conceded to partially change its killer whale shows after a California bureaucratic body made the park’s killer whale habitat expansion contingent on measures that will be the end of the shows at the San Diego park. The Coastal Commission approved, along with approval for the massive expansion, a ban on the park’s breeding program and any transfer of whales to the park. The decision was a deathblow to the shows, as they now exist.

Fallout from the movie Blackfish has been attributed for financial and attendance volatility at the park. SeaWorld San Diego recently told Breitbart News that the Blue World Project – that would nearly double the volume of orca tanks to 10 million gallons – has been in the works for years, that being before the movie.

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