VIDEO – Woman Calls Wrong Number for 20 Years, Creates Friendship with Stranger: ‘Incredible People in This World’

Gladys Hankerson of Delray Beach, Florida, spent the past 20 years calling the wrong phone number, a tiny mistake that turned into something special.

In the beginning, Hankerson was trying to contact her sister who lived in Maryland, but she accidentally dialed area code 401, not 410, WPBF reported Tuesday.

To her surprise, a man named Mike Moffitt, who was from Rhode Island, was at the other end of the line.

“I was raised by my dad, you always answer your phone, you never know who it is,” Moffitt explained, adding that he picked up.

“‘Oh sweetheart, I’ve got the wrong number,’ she said, and hung up real quick, she did that a couple of times that day, next week the same thing, maybe next month,” he said.

However, she continued calling and he kept picking up the phone. He finally asked her where she was from and what she was trying to do, and the two began chatting.

“I told him, ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to call my sister,’ and he said, ‘This is Mike,’ and I said, ‘My son passed away,’ and he said, ‘I’m so sorry.’ and he talked real nice to me and I talked real nice to him,” Hankerson explained.

She added, “After that, I had his phone number and I put it down on paper and I always called him.”

It was a hard time for her because she was divorced and lost her son, but Moffitt always made her feel better.

When he and his family visited Florida for Thanksgiving, he surprised his friend at her home.

“I walk in and I said, ‘I’m Mike from Rhode Island,’ and she just threw her hands up and said, ‘I’m blessed,'” Moffitt explained.

“Oh it was such a great day, that was the happiest Thanksgiving there was, that made my day,” Hankerson said.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Moffitt shared a photo of himself with his friend:

My story of a wrong number….Gladys…she continually called the wrong number 20 years ago (my number with a…

Posted by Mike Moffitt on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

“There are incredible people in this World that are a wrong number phone call away,” he wrote.

Social media users expressed their joy about the touching story, and one person said, “Love it hope they have plenty thanksgivings together.”


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