WATCH – California Restaurant Worker Attacked over Mask: ‘I’m Vaccinated, B****!’

A waitress is holding a tray with dirty dishes and leftover food. Waitress cleaning the table in a restaurant. The concept of service.
Igor Vershinsky/Getty Images

An allegedly drunk woman appeared to attack a California restaurant employee recently for not wearing a mask, according to the Daily Mail.

The unidentified woman was filmed pushing, throwing items, and spraying a cleaning substance at a female worker at a Market Broiler restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, the outlet reported Thursday.

Instagram user brawlzdeep3.0 shared the footage with the caption, “FIGHT NIGHT AT MARKET BROILER.”

At one point in the clip, the woman, wearing a white shirt, told the female employee, wearing a purple shirt, “If you’re not vaccinated, you have a mandated responsibility to have your fucking mask on.”

“I need to see her card, right now,” the woman told others outside the camera frame. “She’s not wearing a mask, I will sue your fucking asses. She has put me at risk,” the woman continued.

Moments later, she appeared to grab a spray bottle and spray the employee while a man wearing black tried to escort her outside.

“Make sure she wears a mask. She needs to wear a mask,” the woman said as she walked back inside.

When another employee asked where the woman’s mask was, she said, “I don’t need a mask, I’m vaccinated, bitch!” and pushed herself onto the employee.

The woman eventually left the establishment.

One Instagram user praised the female employee in the purple shirt for not reacting during the tense situation.

“I mean, seriously ~ if someone was up in my face like that, I don’t know if I could have shown that restraint, and I doubt I could have maintained such calm and dignified composure. Respect to that server!!!” the person wrote.

Meanwhile, House Democrats rejected a plan recently that would have required immigrants to the U.S. to receive one of three Chinese coronavirus vaccines despite mandates imposed on American citizens by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“Every Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee opposed the vaccine mandate for immigrants while every Republican supported the measure,” Breitbart News reported.


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