WATCH– Couple Adopts Two Sets of Twins to Keep Them Together: ‘Great Example of What Parents Should Be’

It was a life-changing day Thursday inside a Hamilton County, Ohio, courtroom when a family added four children to their household.

Karen and Tobias Thompson dated when they were teens but ended up taking different paths and having their own families, WLWT reported.

However, they eventually rekindled their relationship later in life, and although both have their own children and grandchildren, they decided to add to their family by adopting two sets of twins.

“The first set of twins are actually their nieces, Sharleathea and Sharnia. The second set of twins, William and Willya [sic], are not blood relatives of the adoptive parents, but the adoptive parents are adopting them as well because they are the half-siblings of the first set of twins,” the outlet said.

Karen’s mom is a licensed foster parent and provides some care for the adoptive children, while Tobias’ brother, James, who lives with them, also helps with the children when he is not at work.

“They’re family and I feel like we should keep our family together, we strive to anyway,” Karen explained. “It’s going to be 11 kids now and my house is always full with kids. I don’t care what time of day it is, somebody’s child is always at my house.”

“It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. And if you have a lot of love, you might as well go ahead and give it to the children. It’s all about the kids, all about the future, and they are part of the future,” she added.

Video footage showed the family on the day of their official adoption with Judge Ralph E. Winkler:

Hamilton County couple adopts two sets of twins to keep family together

#NEWSWELOVE It was a special day inside a Hamilton County courtroom Thursday when a couple grew their family by four, adopting two sets of twins, who are also half siblings, so they can keep their family together. ♥

Posted by WLWT on Thursday, September 9, 2021

“No sense splitting them up. Keep them all together,” Tobias noted once the adoption was finalized. “Show them a lot of love. That’s all they need: Love.”

One of the adopted daughters, Wilmya, recalled what her dad told her when she first moved into their home: “I don’t have to be scared and I don’t have to worry about nothing because he’s gonna take care of me, and I’m safe,” she said.


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