Rachel Dolezal Launches OnlyFans Page for ‘Foot Pics’ and ‘Makeup Tutorials’

Rachel Dolezal
Instagram/Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who spent years posing as a black civil rights leader, announced this week her OnlyFans page launch.

“I got approved! …LINK IN BIO! ~ My OnlyFans content launches September 1st!” she wrote in an Instagram post along with a screenshot of her OnlyFans profile:

“Swipe to see what my content plan is. 3x weekly posts + others sprinkled in = 12+ content pieces per month. For only $3 (40% off), you can try for 30 days if you Subscribe by Aug 25th: FIRST 10 people only! A little something for (almost) everyone,” she continued.

The content list included hair tutorials, random items such as foot pictures, and “posts of me using stuff people buy from my Amazon wishlist.”

“Looking forward to bringing you some great content! You can also cancel at anytime, including after the 30-day discount subs. Thanks for your support,” Dolezal wrote.

In a video shared prior to her announcement, Dolezal asked followers what content they wanted to see:

In 2020, Dolezal told reporters she had been “vindicated” by the Black Lives Matter movement, according to Breitbart News:

Dolezal said she has been energized by the hunger for justice in light of George Floyd’s death. She says the local Black Lives Matter movement in her area has declined her offer to get involved, but she claims she has good relationships with the protesters and the black community.

“Overwhelmingly, most people I hear from are black or mixed or non-white in some way, and a lot of people have said this is your moment, you’re vindicated,” Dolezal said. “I have received hundreds of messages. Most of it’s been overwhelmingly positive.”

Dolezal was arrested and charged with welfare fraud and additional offenses in 2018. However, she pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud, second-degree perjury, and making false statements during her appearance before a judge.

Meanwhile, the subscription service OnlyFans, which is overwhelmingly filled with pornography, will reportedly ban “sexually explicit” photos and videos from the platform beginning in October.

However, it has left some confused because it later clarified nude content would still be allowed, Breitbart News reported Friday.


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