Jihadist Element Investigated After Deadly Vehicle Attack in Spanish City

police control of documentation for the pandemic in Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
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Spanish officials are investigating a possible Islamic terrorist motive following a deadly car crash at a bar in Murcia on Friday that left one man dead.

The Spanish national court is investigating Friday’s incident as a possible terrorist attack after a 30-year-old Moroccan man injured himself with a knife before slamming his car into the terrace of a bar, killing a 45-year-old Venezuelan man and wounding four others. The suspect also died due to the impact of the crash.

While investigators say that a search of the Moroccan’s residence did not give any clues as to motive, a note left inside the car allegedly points to a terrorist attack, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports.

A witness has also claimed that the suspect had performed a prayer before the crash, but investigators say there is nothing in the 30-year-old’s background pointing to radicalisation.

The newspaper El Pais reports that the handwritten note had inconsistencies which it claimed pointed to mental illness, and included allusions to jihadist positions and persecutory delusions.

The case comes just months after Belgian police arrested a jihadist wanted by Spain. The suspect had fled the country after being arrested in 2018 on charges of glorifying terrorist attacks online.

The vice president of the populist VOX party Jorge Buxadé had highlighted the threat of Islamic extremists among migrants last month following the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban forces.

“The Taliban have released all the prisons in Afghanistan, where there were from common prisoners to followers of ISIS, Al Qaeda, radical Islamists and jihadists of all kinds,” Mr Buxadé said.

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