‘America Has Been Humiliated’ – Farage Slams CNN, NYT for Putting ‘Old Duffer’ Biden Into White House

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Brexit leader Nigel Farage has slammed CNN, the New York Times, and the wider mainstream media for putting “an old duffer” who is “not up to the job” in the White House.

“Well done, well done mainstream media, well done social media, well done — you’ve got the President that you wanted,” the former UKIP and Brexit Party (Reform UK) leader said on GB News, the upstart alternative news network where he currently broadcasts.

“You didn’t like Donald Trump, he was too brash, too difficult for you, so you decided to run a campaign where rather than being critical and doing your job, you basically became champions for Joe Biden,” the veteran campaigner accused.

Farage went on to excoriate establishment journalists for providing “Very little investigation into the laptop of his son Hunter” and “very little scrutiny of what the American electoral process became” in 2020.

Farage offered the media he holds responsible for Biden’s inauguration as U.S. President facetious praise, saying: “I have to say, this is your victory… You put this man in the White House and he’s a disaster, and the impact of his decision, the way he’s gone about [withdrawing from Afghanistan], will be with us for many, many years to come.”

In an extended monologue on August 30th, the Trump ally further lamented the fact that “America has been humiliated” under the 78-year-old Democrat in Afghanistan — “perhaps the biggest foreign policy failure in America for at least 40 years” — leaving the Taliban with “85 billion dollars’ worth of U.S. military equipment” and the Chinese communists with “access to some of the biggest lithium reserves in the world.”

Again, the Briton took aim at the mainstream media, singling out CNN and the New York Times by name, “and, crucially, social media” — and “congratulating” them for having got “their man” in the White House.


From a British perspective, more specifically, he said the “special relationship” between U.S. and its mother country had been left “so degraded” by President Biden that “many of us, even pro-Americans like me, say: ‘Well, with this man in charge, there are no overseas military ventures we could possibly go into'” — leaving the future of NATO in jeopardy.


Farage may have had in mind reports that Boris Johnson was unable to get Biden to take a phone call for over 24 hours as Kabul fell to the Taliban, or briefings that British governments ministers and ministerial aides believed the American leader “looked gaga” at his “completely mad” press briefings on the crisis.

“I was saying to myself in the run up to November [2020], ‘This bloke is just an old duffer; he’s not up to the job’,” Farage concluded, saying the question that now needs to be debated is simple: “Is Joe Biden fit to be the leader of the Western world?”

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