Exclusive: Left-Wing Guardian Covers Up Race Traitor Comments from Academic Fired For ‘House Negro’ Post

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Britain’s most prominent left-wing newspaper covered up an academic apparently calling a black conservative political commentator a race traitor, Breitbart London can reveal.

In an article from The Guardian on Monday entitled ‘UK academic sues university after losing role in critical race theory row’, the left-wing paper originally quoted fired academic Aysha Khanom allegedly accusing political commentator Calvin Robinson of being a race traitor.

Khanom, who was fired from her position as an academic advisor to Leeds Beckett University after her organisation called Mr Robinson a ‘house negro’ on social media, is claimed to have told The Guardian:

“They were offensive – they’re meant to be offensive because they’re antiracist terms. You’re highlighting a problem, so how can someone be racist by calling someone out for going against their own kind? It’s almost upholding white supremacy. It’s so contradictory it’s unreal, racists have taken these terms and defined them for us.”

Overnight, the left-wing paper quietly deleted the section in which Khanom accused Calvin Robinson of being a race traitor and “going against their own kind”, replacing the section of the quote with ellipses, reading:

Khanom told the Guardian the terms were “meant to be offensive, because they’re antiracist terms. You’re highlighting a ­problem … It’s almost upholding white supremacy. It’s so contradictory it’s unreal – racists have taken these terms and defined them for us. There is no way they are racist. They are meant to make someone feel uncomfortable, but just because something’s offensive doesn’t mean you can’t say it.”

The deletion of the controversial accusation — without acknowledgement or correction — by The Guardian may be significant, as Khanom is currently in the process of suing her former university on the grounds that Critical Race Theory and ‘Black Radicalism’ should be protected beliefs under the Equality Act.

Khanom will argue before the employment appeals tribunal that terms such as ‘house negro’ and ‘coconut’ are not racist as she considers them to be “anti-racist” terms.

On Tuesday, the fired academic said: “People seem to think colour matters when it comes to Anti Racism. It does not. You are either Anti Racist or you are not. Choose and decide. Stop making this about colour.”

Kehinde Andrews, the controversial Black Studies professor at Birmingham University, added: “House Negro is not a racial slur, it is political critique. Shame on Leeds Beckett for caving to the right-wing mob.”

Responding to the original race traitor quote from the article, Calvin Robinson told Breitbart London: “The only race I belong to is the human race, how can I be a traitor to my fellow man? Aysha claims to support the idea that race is a social construct, yet her racially abusive words betray her when she calls me a house negro or a race traitor.”

Breitbart London contacted The Guardian but the paper replied, simply: “We will not be commenting.”

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