Spanish Prosecutors Ask For 140 Years for Instagram Child Sex Predator

Young Woman In Bedroom Upset By Social Media Trolling And Cyber Bullying On Mobile Phone
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Spanish prosecutors have requested a 140-year prison sentence for a man accused of sexually exploiting children through Instagram.

The Granollers prosecutor’s office has called for the heavy sentence ahead of the September trial of David C.G., who is accused of using fake Instagram accounts to force at least half a dozen minors to commit sexual acts and threatening those who refused.

According to the prosecutor, the suspect was able to gain the trust of a minor whose sister he was dating and, in the summer of 2018, began threatening the child and demanding he find young girls who would perform sexual acts, El Mundo reports.

“He told him, on several occasions, that he would beat him and kill him if he did not look for girls who undressed and recorded themselves touching each other, using the personal information of the minor that he had initially obtained as his sister’s boyfriend to make his warnings more believable,” the prosecutor said.

The minor is said to have given the suspect half a dozen contacts of underage girls, some with whom he made 15 to 20 video calls and even threatened to kill one of the girls if she did not have sex in front of him.

A court ruled that David C.G. will be kept in pre-trial custody as investigators were afraid he might attempt to destroy evidence if allowed out on bail.

The case comes just months after a similar case involving a man who used Snapchat to blackmail underage girls for sex in the Paris no-go suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to just four years in prison in February after he was found guilty of soliciting sexual images and videos from underage girls and threatening to publish them if the victims did not give him more explicit material or have sex with him.

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