Watch: Far-Left MP Claudia Webbe Confuses Herself in ‘Belarus’ Bumble

Claudia Webbe, Dominic Raab
House of Commons

Far-left MP Claudia Webbe apparently stumped herself with her own question as she attempted to grill Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on the UK’s response to Alexander Lukashenko’s crackdowns on human rights in Belarus.

During a House of Commons committee hearing on Monday, Ms Webbe asked the foreign secretary why the government was not considering “legal action” against Belarus, which she seemingly mispronounced several times before getting it right.

“What is the legal action that you’re proposing?” Mr Raab questioned.

“Well, I’m asking you the question. Does the Government consider legal action to be necessary at all?” Webbe continued.

“Sorry, what I was trying to clarify is who do you want us to sue and where?” Raab questioned again, leaving the leftist MP rapidly blinking and sitting in silence, apparently unable to answer.

The spat drew widespread mockery on social media with political commentator Calvin Robinson writing: “This is why all-women, all-BAME shortlists are a bad idea. Ratios and quotas promote incompetence. They’re bad for democracy.”

“Instead, we should recruit based on skills, knowledge and expertise. There’s nothing ‘positive’ about discrimination. Meritocracy > Affirmative Action.”

Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox joked back at Mr Robinson: “How dare you belittle the plight of the poor citizens of Berooos with your cheap political point scoring!”

Conservative Home writer Mark Wallace added in: “The good news is that Claudia Webbe has outwitted someone. The bad news is that the person she outwitted is Claudia Webbe.”

Webbe later clarified on Twitter as to her position thusly: “There are clear legal remedies to hold Belarus to account for the human rights abuses of detainees. The Lukashenka regime is acting in violation of the UN Convention against Torture.

“If diplomacy fails the UK government should submit a case to the International Court of Justice.”

The far-left MP from Leicester East, who was suspended from the Labour Party over accusations of bullying, has previously raised eyebrows when she called to “abolish” the rich in order to solve climate change, which was ironic given that her salary as an MP puts her in the top one per cent of earners globally.

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