Former Australian PM Tony Abbott Backs UK’s Positive Impact on the Modern World

Tony Abbott
Mark Nolan/Getty Images

No country has had a more positive impact on the modern world than Britain, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Monday, speaking as the last details of a post-Brexit trade deal between the two nations were being finalised.

He told GB News he did not understand why so many people played down Britain’s spectacular global achievements, and urged Brits to stand up and be proud of their nation. Abbott said:

It baffles me a little that so many people in Britain are always running the country down, always taking Counsel of fears not hopes.

No country has had more impact on the modern world than Britain. When you think of the mother of Parliament’s, the rule of law, democracy, the Industrial Revolution, emancipation of minorities, written and spoken word.

The UK-born former conservative coalition leader went on to praise the current trade being finalised between Australia and the UK, telling GB News it will be concluded “with one of Britain’s greatest friends, namely Australia.”

“That’s no threat to the people of Britain.” Abbott observed. “This is going to help the people of Britain because we will stand beside the people of Britain through thick and thin in the future as we have in the past.”

During the segment, Abbott dismissed the notion British farmers were going to be “driven out of business” by their Australian counterparts.

“There are very forward-looking leaders who want what is best for their respective countries and also want what is best for the wider world,” he began with reference to the respective prime ministers of both nations.

“I can understand change being anxiety-inducing. We are naturally change-resistant. But I have lived in Britain, and I think I know Britain pretty well.”

Abbott went on to praise the quality of British agricultural produce, warming to a positive theme of mutually beneficial trade between Australia and the UK he has long championed on the global stage.

As Breitbart London reported, in 2017 he used an address at the UK/Australia Chamber of Commerce to declare himself an enthusiastic convert to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (E.U.) because of the boundless new opportunities that would be presented.

Besides the new doors opening for global trade, he applauded British voter common sense in taking back their country against all the naysayers who predicted disaster.

Abbott has also been a strong advocate of tough border controls.

He has previously warned the E.U. to seal its porous borders to guard against “invasion”, adding the mass migration of people claiming asylum in Europe cannot be “managed” and it had to be “resolved” at the point of entry by the simple expedient of saying “no.”

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