Delingpole: Bad Orange Man Tony Blair Calls for Vaccine Apartheid

The Andrew Marr Show via Twitter

Tony Blair has called for vaccine apartheid in which the vaccinated get special privileges while the unvaccinated are treated as pariahs.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, eyes glinting, skin looking almost unfeasibly orange, the former prime minister said:

We should really distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Here, at home, if we do have to adjust some of the freedoms because of the rising pressure of new variants then it’s important to ensure that at least those people who are vaccinated have the maximum freedom they can. I think that could also be done for travel as well.

Marr asked Blair whether he thought it was acceptable to turn down vaccination.

The Blair creature replied:

Unless you’ve got a good medical reason my view very clearly is no. That’s why it’s important to give people a real incentive to get vaccinated.

Andrew Marr, a known leftist, seemed perfectly unfazed by Blair’s call for people unwilling to be jabbed to be treated as second-class citizens.

But not everyone was quite so convinced:

Blair’s appearance on the Marr show is the latest escalation in the war on vaccine sceptics being waged by the government with the active collaboration of the mainstream media and the celebrity class known as the ‘wankerati’.

The British government has been paying celebrities and “influencers” to “persuade people to have a Covid vaccine amid fears of low take-up.”

People who don’t want to take the vaccine have been branded ‘Refuseniks’ — a term previously reserved for dissidents, especially Jewish ones, forbidden from leaving the Soviet Union.

But the vaccine wars are not going wholly the vaccine fascists’ way. For example, the principled stand of Florida governor Ron DeSantis has caused a shift in policy by Royal Caribbean International cruises:

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