7 in 10 French Want Migrant Criminals to Serve Sentences in Home Countries

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Seven out of ten French people would like to see migrant criminals who committed crimes in France be deported back to their home countries to serve out their sentences.

The CSA Institute for Studies poll found that 66 per cent of the respondents in their latest poll supported the idea of sending migrant criminals back home to serve sentences for crimes they committed in France, with 42 per cent saying they were totally convinced of the idea.

When the poll is broken up between men and women the results are similar, with 65 per cent of mean greeting with the idea and 68 per cent of women wanting foreigners to serve their sentences overseas, broadcaster CNews, who commissioned the poll, reports.

Among age groups, the ‘yes’ vote wins in all age brackets, but is strongest among those aged 35 to 49, with 70 per cent saying yes to the proposal, while 18 to 24-year-olds were lower at 56 per cent.

Politically, the strongest support for the measure came from those who support the populist National Rally (RN) party led by Marine Le Pen.

90 per cent of Le Pen supporters said they wanted to see migrants serve sentences in their home countries, compared to 63 per cent for President Emmanuel Macron’s supporters.

The results of the poll come as migrant crime, particularly involving migrants claiming to be underage, has become a major issue in France.

Last week, Senator Henri Leroy denounced the surge in underage migrant crime, saying: “There is a worrying increase which seems exponential. The number of minor migrants was 30,000 in 2015 and 60,000 in 2018, and the associated problems are increasing at the same rate.

“In Bordeaux, 40 per cent of delinquency is attributable to them, and the proportion was 24 per cent two years ago. The problem grows and threatens to infiltrate all sections of delinquency, trafficking, banditry… We need to stop this bleeding,” he added.

Another poll, released last month, revealed that the majority of French, 71 per cent, think the country had had enough immigration entirely and do not want to see any more new arrivals.

64 per cent went as far as saying that France should not accept refugees anymore either.

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