‘Time for Blair’ Trends on Twitter as Labour Far Behind in Polls

TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

‘Time for [Tony] Blair’ trended on Twitter in Britain on Friday following heavy reverses for Labour in local elections and a parliamentary by-election and poor polling.

The trend was kicked off by Andrew Adonis, aka Baron Adonis of Camden Town, when he responded to a YouGov poll showing the left-wing Labour Party is 15 points behind the Conservative Party after 11 years of Tory government.

“The Tories now have a 15 point lead. Time for Blair,” declared Adonis, who was granted lifetime membership of the House of Lords and a ministerial position by Mr Blair in 2005, when he was still Prime Minister.

The fanatical anti-Brexiteer’s public plea for Blair, now 68-years-old, to return to the political frontline was soon taken up by other Twitter users — but not, perhaps, in the way he intended.

“Time for Blair? I quite agree. Ten years in Belmarsh should do it,” said one, referring to one of Britain’s more notorious high-security prisons.

“I agree, ‘Time for Blair’. Preferably at least fifty years without the possibility of parole,” said another, in one of multiple similar quips on the same theme.

Undeterred by well over 2,000 overwhelmingly negative responses to his call as of the time of publication, however, Lord Adonis has so far gone on to share another six tweets either repeating that it is “Time for Blair” or issuing a similar plea to “Bring back Blair”.

“You have a very serious obsession. It’s actually a little alarming,” remarked one correspondent — an elected Labour Party councillor, no less.

“If I was Tony Blair… I would honestly consider a restraining order,” he continued, adding: “The answers of tomorrow can’t be found looking in the rear view mirror.”

“I agree. Tony Blair is the future,” Adonis replied.

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