Meghan and Harry Team Up with Hillary Aide Who Said All Whites ‘Rife’ with Racism

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and husband Harry have teamed up with a former Hilary Clinton campaigner who believes that all white people are “rife with internalised racism and unconscious bias”.

The Invisible Hand “social impact and culture change agency” of Genevieve Roth, director of “creative engagement” for the failed Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, has teamed up with Meghan and Harry’s organisation, Archewell, to “drive systemic culture change across all communities”, according to an announcement on its Instagram page.

Roth appears to be a firm devotee of left-wing social justice identity politics, having written at length in a 2020 article for Good Housekeeping about how her marriage to a black man had convinced her of her own deep-seated racism.

“I am rife with internalised racism and unconscious bias,” she wrote.

“And to all of the non-Black folks reading this, we need to get clear on something: So are you.”

As evidence, Roth presented a number of unpleasant anecdotes, including one in which she told her husband the tags on their car were almost expired and he “got so angry with me that I worried he would crash the car.”
“Do you realize that if a cop pulls us over for expired tags, I could be killed?” he had exploded.

On another occasion, as he was “isolating himself in our room with his iPad instead of joining group activities” on a holiday with friends in Malibu, she had to be told that she did not “get it”.

“Y’all white people move through the world like the way it is for you is the way it is for everybody,” her husband explained.

“People treat me differently here. They cross the street when they see me coming. Stop trying to get me to go on your hike.”

Roth also lamented the fact that she had in the past asked her husband to stop yelling at her during arguments, before being made to realise that “what I hear as a yell is just how they talk in his family”.

“I’m not used to that tone because I never had to yell in order to be heard,” she suggested.

Such incidents, Roth concluded, were evidence of “ways in which my own bias and internalised racism had hurt our partnership” rather than any abusive or manipulative tendencies on her husband’s part.

“Race is an issue in our marriage because as a white woman of privilege, I have racist tendencies written in at a cellular level,” she is reported to have written, by outlets including the left-wing Independent and right-leaning MailOnline — although the line does not appear to be in the Good Housekeeping article itself.

Some reports have speculated that Meghan teaming up with the former Clinton campaigner and Black Lives Matter devotee is evidence of long-term ambitions for her to transition from former working royal to “President Meghan Markle”.

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