Greek ‘Anarchists’ Call on Church to Respect Govt Lockdown

Religious Orthodox Christians leaders pray inside a church in Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete on June 19, 2016. Orthodox churches from around the world meet in Greece on June 19, 2016 for the first such gathering in a millennium, but the absence of several branches of the communion …

Greek far-left Antifa anarchists are said to have been behind the placement of a banner outside the  Metropolis of Piraeus this week, calling on the church to obey the government’s Wuhan virus lockdown.

The banners stated various slogans criticising the church for remaining open and defying the government lockdowns, including one which read “How many more dead? Lockdown in the Church.”

The director of the Metropolis’ office spoke to local media about the incident and described it as “regrettable” and claimed that the church had become a target of protestors, newspaper Proto Thema reports.

According to the director of the officer, the incident is the third time the church has been targetted, and the banners were signed by the Free Social Centre Favela, a far-left group in Pireaus.

The group took responsibility for the banners on their Facebook page, stating the church was “dogmatically insisting on performing rituals amidst the pandemic, endangering all of our lives.”

The incident is not the first time an Antifa group has supported government lockdowns in Europe. German Antifa extremists have gone as far as physically assaulting anti-lockdown protesters.

In the city of Leipzig, a gang of Antifa militants brutally beat two lockdown sceptics, stamping on and head kicking them. The Leipzig police far-left crime taskforce Soko Linx later opened an investigation for attempted murder following the incident.

The far-left banner protest in Greece was sparked by a move by the Greek Orthodox church’s Holy Synod earlier this week, which rebelled against the government’s coronavirus restriction proposal.

A church statement said it “does not consent to the government’s measures” and that it would be refusing to close churches to those who wished to participate in epiphany services on January 6th.

The Holy Synod also stated that it would be sending a letter of protest to the government over the matter and that it had not been notified by the government prior to the announcement of the stricter restrictions.

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