Teen Accused of Attempted Attack on Swedish Populist Leader Prosecuted

Sweden's Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson listens during a press conference after a meeting with the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament Riksdagen on January 16, 2019 in Stockholm. - Lawmakers will vote on January 18, 2019 on nominee for prime minister proposed by parliamentary speaker Andreas Norlen. (Photo by Jessica GOW …

A teenager who is accused of attempting to attack Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson with a large firecracker will face charges in court.

The attempted attack, which took place during the European Parliament election campaign earlier year in May, saw the alleged perpetrator throw a firecracker near the car of the SD leader following a speech made by Åkesson in Mariestad, broadcaster SVT reports.

According to the court indictment, investigators found that the explosion outside of the car, which contained the SD leader, along with an employee and a pair of bodyguards, was caused by a powerful firework.

A police report said that the SD leader was quite alarmed and scared during the event after the car drove off at a high speed following the incident.

The alleged perpetrator has professed his innocence, claiming that the real attacker was a different person who was simply wearing clothing similar to his own.

Following the attack, many Swedish politicians came out to condemn it, including Swedish Prime Minister  Stefan Löfven who said, “Every attack on our elected politicians is an attack on our common democracy. The incident makes me extremely dismayed and I want to express my empathy for Jimmie Åkesson and his family at this moment.”

Åkesson, along with many other SD politicians and supporters, has been a victim of political violence in the past.

In 2017, his house was targetted by attackers who launched fireworks at his home and threw eggs at the building, even attempting at one point to break in while his partner and child were home.

The following year in Stockholm another SD politician had their house targetted as well. A local councillor and her partner were staying up late watching television when they noticed part of their home had been set on fire.

“Had we already went to bed, then who the hell knows how it would have ended,” the local SD politican said.

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