Sweden: Multicultural Malmo Sends Staff Safety Tips After Wave of Explosions


Following a wave of explosions and acts of violence in the city, the local government in the city of Malmö, Sweden has sent out tips to workers on how to avoid the violence.

The municipality released a list of advice labelled ‘Personal safety – tips and advice on how to avoid getting into unwanted situations’, with one municipal worker claiming that the city has been claiming that the situation is fine in the city but behind the scenes things are different, Expressen reports.

“In the media, the municipality goes out and says that everything is good, even though it is not. Then they send this kind of mail to their employees,” the unidentified municipal worker said.

Among the tips for the workers are, “Plan your itinerary — know your area. Alternative routes, entrances, exits,” along with telling workers to be more observant when leaving areas like stairwells.

“Keep away from people who are considered potentially threatening or dangerous and increase the distance if there are no other people nearby,” it suggests.

Åsa Ollerstam Lundh, one of those who sent out the memo, said that the directives had existed since last year when the city saw a spate of shootings, including a mass shooting that saw three killed in June of 2018.

“Now there were again, after a quiet start of the year, shootings and explosions within just a few days. So then we decided to send out the list again,” Lundh said.

Earlier this month Malmö saw three explosions within a 24-hour period, with two targeting residential homes in the no-go suburb of Rosengard and another near a nightclub in the centre of the city.

Only days earlier, police shot a man outside of the central railway station after he began to act erratically, claiming that he threatened to bomb the area.

Police stations in the city have also seen an increase in security following the recent violent incidents with police announcing that they would be increasing the number of patrolling officers.

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