London Islamic State Affiliate ‘Days’ From Beheading Attack on Theresa May

Carl Court/Getty

An Islamic State-inspired man from north London was “just days away” from launching a bomb and knife attack on 10 Downing Street, aiming to “take the head off” Theresa May, a court has heard.

Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, also considered a sophisticated drone attack on Parliament but chose a “full frontal” suicide attack on the Prime Minister’s residence after undercover spies supplied him with a fake suicide vest.

The radical Muslim, from Finchley in North London, had also received bomb-making tuition from his uncle, who had travelled to Syria to join Islamic State jihadists before being killed in a drone strike, the Old Bailey heard Tuesday, according to The Times.

Mark Heywood, QC, for the prosecution, revealed Mr Rahman had concocted his plot despite being known to Channel – a government deradicalisation scheme for high-risk individuals – since 2015.

“By the time of these events he had withdrawn from any engagement with that programme and refused any further contact or assistance,” he told the court.

Adding: “That is because he had no interest whatsoever of avoiding radicalisation. He was heading as hard as he could in the opposite direction.

“Before his arrest prevented it, he was, he believed, just days away from his objective, which was no less than a suicide attack, by blade and explosion, on Downing Street and if it was possible to achieve it, on the prime minister herself, Theresa May.”

The lawyer also read the court a chilling discussion on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, in which the terror suspect spoke with a user known as called “Amir”.

On September 14th, Mr Rahman allegedly wrote: “Can you put me in a sleeper cell ASAP? I want to do a suicide bomb on parliament. I want to attempt to kill Theresa May.”

The following day, he continued: “My objective is to take out my target. Nothing less than the death of the leaders of parliament.”

Mr Heywood also said that Mr Rahman “expected to die. But he also hoped for personal reward beyond death and to cause death and fear in a place and to people symbolic of the country itself.”

The suspect and an accomplice deny charges of preparing terrorist acts. The trial continues.


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