UK Will Be ‘Colony’ of EU if It Wants Brexit Trade Deal, Taunts EU Official


The UK will be a “colony” of the European Union (EU) after Brexit day in 2019, as securing a trade deal is “impossible” in two years, EU officials have claimed.

EU officials taunted the UK, claiming Brits would be “forced” to abide by the bloc’s laws, without any say over those laws, as they battle for a trade deal on the EU’s terms.

Article 50 rules insisted the UK must negotiate the terms of its withdrawal, to be ratified by all 27 remaining members, within a strict two year period.

“We should not be pressured or rushed. They really should come up with the money,” one senior EU diplomat told euronews.

A European Parliament official dealing with Brexit added: “It is impossible to get any bespoke trade deal in two years or so. And for all that time, the UK would be an EU colony – forced to accept our laws with no say.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has already hinted the UK will pay the EU’s demanded 50 billion euro ‘divorce bill’ and give all migrants the right to stay, after the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator said he would not move “one iota” from his mandate.

Despite this, the launch of talks on a post-Brexit relationship and trade deal could be delayed until next year, some claim.

“They should not think they are sailing ahead into the next phase,” one EU official told reporters.

“While the transition and the future relationship were formally on the agenda, what ambassadors focused very much on was real concern that the UK does not realise that the EU27 are deadly serious on the need to meet the ‘sufficient progress’ mark on the three first-phase issues.”

“The focus was very much on the here and now and the fact that the UK is so far away from meeting the sufficient progress point and that we are rapidly running out of time,” they added.


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