Berlin Police Academy Recruit Had Contact with Criminal Gangs

Omer Messinger/Getty Images

Fears of Arab criminal gangs infiltrating the Berlin police may have been validated after a new report claims that at least one recruit has been in contact with a criminal gang and a motorcycle club.

German broadcaster RBB found evidence that one of the police academy recruits was in contact with a gang after Berlin officials called for a special meeting to address potential infiltration of the force, Die Welt reports.

In September, the Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA) say they encountered a police officer in a bar along with members of the “Miri” clan.

The fears of infiltration follows an audio file that was leaked last week from the Berlin police academy that showed one of the instructors exasperated by the behaviour of immigrant police recruits.

The instructor commented: “I’ve never experienced anything like this, the classroom looked like hell, half Arabs and Turks, cheeky as hell. Stupid. Could not articulate themselves. Two or three I had been close to knocking out because they were disruptive or literally slept in class. German colleagues have said that they were threatened with violence.”

Another police official noted that some feared many of the recruits had links to Arab gangs saying, “We know that with these people the family is above everything else,” but added police could not do anything if the recruits had clean criminal records.

Over the past few years, Arab clans have taken over much of the organised crime scene in the German capital and have even been reported recruiting asylum seekers in migrant homes to run street-level drug dealing.

The impact of migrants on crime statistics in Berlin has been dramatic with a recent report from earlier this year showing that 45 per cent of the crimes in the city were committed by immigrants. The number is a five per cent increase from the previous year.

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