Globalist Le Pen Rival Promises to ‘Emancipate’ Migrant Communities

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Banking on minority voters pushing him to victory, globalist Emmanuel Macron has promised the “emancipation” of migrant communities, and to ‘free them’ from the crime-plagued, riot-prone suburbs in which they reside.

Promoting a raft of policies geared towards courting minority ethnic voters — such as calling for ‘mixing’ neighbourhood populations, and positive discrimination in employment — Radio France reports the presidential hopeful is inspiring migrant communities, but struggles to convince France’s native working class.

Macron,  the establishment’s favoured candidate to be the Gallic nation’s next president, bills himself as the ‘anti-establishment’ figure in the presidential race.

Acknowledging the globalist would-be president “may seem an unlikely candidate of the downtrodden”, Radio France describes Macron as “the blue-eyed philosophy graduate, who studied at France’s top finishing school before becoming a civil servant and then a Rothschild investment banker”.

But deputy mayor of the western Paris suburb of Mantes-la-Jolie, Khadija Moudnib, hailed Macron as a role model for pairing neoliberal economic policies with left wing stances on social issues.

Taking to the floor at a campaign event on Thursday, which was held next to the Stade de France national stadium, she told the liberal candidate: “You’ve been accused of earning a lot of money at Rothschild but in the suburbs we want to be like you!”

But the public service radio broadcaster noted that Macron’s love and of embrace of globalist business policy, and his seemingly lax approach to political Islam and radicalisation, has made it difficult for him to attract the support of the traditional left.

Speaking to Radio France in the violence and radicalisation-plagued district of central Saint-Denis, retiree Michel Castellote said he couldn’t bring himself to back the former banker.

Sat outside the basilica — the final resting place of a long line of French kings and queens – the 76-year-old said Macron “doesn’t know the suburbs”. He complained of the closure of many traditional shops in Saint-Denis, and their replacement by halal butcheries, Arab bakeries, and Chinese clothing stores.

The retiree then outlined the jihadist threat faced in the migrant majority French district, soldiers in fatigues patrolling the street outside the 12th-century basilica, and police vans lining the main square on two sides.

On Saturday, addressing a rally in Marseille — billed as Europe’s most dangerous city, where an estimated 30 to 40 per cent of residents are Muslim — Macron told supporters to “kick” Front National out of the country, describing the populist party as one of “hatred and contempt”.

Right wing firebrand Marine Le Pen hit back at the fervent open borders advocate, saying: “At a public meeting, I was able to talk with our compatriots about the tragedies of mass immigration, communitarianism and insecurity.

“Macron has no solution to these themes, nothing to propose to the French, no programme. Apart from defending the burkini, and the promise to make more migrants arrive.”


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