WATCH: Bridge Collapses on Live Television During Heavy Flooding in North Carolina

A North Carolina news crew experienced a close call on Thursday when a bridge they were standing on collapsed from heavy flooding.

“FOX 46 Reporter Amber Roberts and Photojournalist Jonathan Monté were reporting on significant flooding near the Hiddenite Bridge in Alexander County when a portion of the bridge broke off and fell into the raging waters,” the outlet said.

Roberts tweeted video footage Thursday evening that showed her standing on the warped bridge:

“This road, this bridge, is literally sinking,” the reporter said as she pointed to the pavement. “Take a look at the ground. You can see it caving in.”

Moments later, Roberts exclaimed, “It’s going!” as the bridge collapsed and fell into the raging water below.

The crew quickly moved off the bridge and stayed at a safe distance.

Four people are dead and two still missing after floodwaters rose at the Hiddenite Family Campground in Alexander County on Thursday, according to ABC 11:

Waters near the campground rose when Alexander County experienced major flooding with approximately 7 to 10 inches of rain overnight. About 50 roadways across the county were compromised, with four bridges washed out. As of 2 p.m., officials said the doors to the campers could not be opened due to high water.

The Conover Fire Department said emergency crews responded to calls of trapped campers around six a.m. on Thursday, according to WXII.

“Initial reports indicated a group of about 20 people needed help, but rescuers said this number quickly grew to more than 30,” the report stated.

The torrential rain stopped and the floodwaters began to recede around 12 p.m. while more than 20 search and rescue crews continued searching the area.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) shared video footage Thursday of floodwaters in Alexander County and urged residents not to drive through moving or standing water:


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