Nolte: Tony Awards Collapse to All-Time Low of 2.6M Viewers

Theo Wargo; Jenny Anderson/Getty Images
Theo Wargo; Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

Boy, I’ll tell you something, the bloom has really come off America’s wretched celebrity class when the Tony Awards can only attract 2.6 million viewers.

This isn’t just an all-time low; it’s a flat-out catastrophe, a collapse of 51 percent over last year when 5.4 million watched.

Oh, and that 5.4 million was itself a record low. So the Tonys just took a record low and hit another record low by cutting the previous record low in half.

This year’s Tony Awards lost to season 9,578 of Big Brother, which earned 4.15 million viewers. Hell, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune grabbed 3.76 million viewers. Supermarket Sweep did nearly as good as the Tonys with 2.51 million.

In a country of 330 million people, and on a Sunday night, the Tonys was only able to draw 2.6 million people.


Watch below: 

But, to be fair, the Tonys have done everything in their fascist power to keep people away.

Back in 2018, Robert De Niro used the Tonys to say, “Fuck Trump.” Andrew Garfield attacked the Supreme Court for siding with a Christian man who did not want to be forced to bale a gay wedding cake. No one wants to watch that. Not even leftists.

The Emmys, the Oscars, the Grammys, the MYV Music Awards… All of these award shows are hitting numbers so low that just five years ago, no one would have imagined they could go this low.

But this is what happens when you celebrate everything — skin color, gender, sexuality — but excellence. This is what happens when you lecture instead of entertain. This is what happens when you have no real stars. This is what happens when you are smug and hateful and untalented and dishonest.

Hey, we’re just hating you back.

You assholes started it.


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