Celebs Call for Trump’s Arrest

Rachel Murray/ Getty Images, for Equality Now
Rachel Murray/ Getty Images, for Equality Now

Left-wing Hollywood celebrities are ramping up pressure for authorities to arrest President Donald Trump, claiming that he deliberately incited his supporters to storm the Capitol building on Wednesday while omitting the fact that the president urged them to disband and return home peacefully.

The left is using the Capitol Hill clashes as an opportunity to revive impeachment demands and to promote their longstanding fantasy of seeing Trump led away in handcuffs. Since a sitting president cannot be arrested while still in office, they are conjuring up alternative scenarios, with actor John Cusack recommending that authorities take Trump into custody at Mar-a-lago the day after he leaves office.

The Hunger Games actress and Charlie’s Angels reboot director Elizabeth Banks tweeted: “Impeach. Unseat. Arrest.”

Biden supporter and filmmaker Rob Reiner said that the president must be prosecuted or “we will no longer be a Democracy.”

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer said the president “must be arrested” for what happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Actor Jeffrey Wright added his voice to the chorus demanding the president’s arrest.

Actor John Cusack suggested officials arrest Trump at Mar-a-lago on January 21 after he officially leaves office.

Hannah and Her Sisters star Mia Farrow tweeted that “Trump should be in prison today,” alleging without evidence that the president actually led “an insurrection against the United States.”

Actress Ellen Barkin tweeted, “at the very least he should be under house arrest.”

Point Break star Lori Petty tweeted, “Jail#POTUS now.”

Actor Billy Baldwin, the brother of Alec Baldwin, tweeted, “Arrest President Trump.”

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