Nolte: Movement Afoot to Warn People TV Shows Are TV Shows

the crown

“The UK culture secretary wants the creators behind the TV series ‘The Crown,’ based on the lives of the Royal Family, to include a warning for viewers up front indicating the show is fiction and not a factual documentary.”

That’s a real thing.

So’s this

“Helena Bonham Carter — who plays Princess Margaret in seasons 3 and 4 — has now added her voice to the growing argument, saying that producers have a “moral responsibility” to tell viewers that it’s a drama.”

What is happening?

Are people this stupid these days? Or do our governments and elites believe we’re this stupid? Or is this just another example of our governments and elites being pious busybodies?

Is this really what it’s come to…? To where we have to inform people that what’s on TV is not real, even if what’s on TV is about real people, even though TV has been using real people to tell fictional stories since television was invented — and before that it was movies using real people to tell fictional stories?

Maybe that’s what we need to do… Maybe we need to take this even further… Go back and put warning labels on The Untouchables and Daniel Boone.  “Warning: This is a TV show not a documentary.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Eliot Ness had nothing to do with bringing down Charles Manson — that was Brad Pitt.

Daniel Boone did not fight in World War II — that was Tom Hanks.

Is absolutely everything going to get this insufferably stupid now? So stupid we’re spoon-feeding everyone everything?

And why stop there? If we’re going to inform people a television drama is in fact a television drama, should we not tell them what exactly in the drama is drama? Maybe little pop-ups during the show that say things like “this never happened” or “this is disputed” or “we pulled this out of our ass for the lulz.”

It’s bad enough that during this, the fourth season of The Crown  — which, by the way, after three magnificent seasons, really sucked — we were all treated like precious snowflakes with warnings about how the upcoming episode contains scenes of an eating disorder and here’s a number you can call if you’re enjoying the abundance of Western Civilization and still choosing not to eat, but now we’re going to get a second warning that says, This drama you’re about to watch is not a documentary, it’s a drama, and if that upsets you, please call 1-800-CRY-BABY.

What about warnings starships and vampires aren’t real? Some people are too young to know that. We can’t have TV misleading them.

We’re infantilizing everyone and everything.

And why is the oh-so precious Royal Family being singled out for all this special warning love? Powerful elites protecting powerful elites.

What a world.

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