Hollywood Calls for Gun Control After California Shooting: ‘We Live in a War Zone’

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While many across America were mourning the horrific mass shooting at a California bar Thursday, the liberal activists of Hollywood were already busy using the shooting to promote gun control.

“We live in a war zone, because Republicans do nothing about gun laws, while they see people being shot every day. They do nothing,” comedian Chelsea Handler roared.

Author Stephen King called for “gun control now.”

Meanwhile, actor Josh Gad declared that America is “on a hamster wheel of insanity.”

“Another day of grief. Another day of outrage. Another day of families unnecessarily learning their loved ones are dead. But, don’t worry, I remember from all of the other times we’ve done this…’guns aren’t the problem.'”

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda re-tweeted Gad, adding that his “heart is dust from being broken.” Miranda also included a link to the activist group Everytown for Gun Safety, which works to enact gun control.

These tweets come as actress Ellen Barkin really upped the ante, posting a strange message to Barron Trump, and labeling President Trump a “blood-soaked monster.”

“you did this trump. you blood-soaked monster 11 young ppl 1 chp officer dead, so far. and yes the gunman was white. how do u feel dana loesch murderer? how do u feel wayne la pierre murderer? tell us how we must be armed 24/7 wherever we go. u will reap what u sow ,” the 64-year-old actress said in part.

These celebrity screeds came after at least 12 people had been shot and killed at a Southern California bar late Wednesday. The alleged shooter was identified as David Ian Long, according to reports, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Check out all of the Hollywood reactions.


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