Actor Josh Gad Begs America: Please Vote So I Can Escape ‘This Never Ending Hellscape’

Josh Gad and Jake Johnson in New Girl (2011)
Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures/IMDB

Frozen star Josh Gad tweeted this week that Americans need to get out and vote to end the “never ending hellscape” that is America under President Donald Trump.

“Please vote. If enough of us vote, this never ending hellscape can end. Whatever side of the aisle you stand on, it should be clear at this point…these are not good people,” Gad tweeted.

Gad’s Twitter presence shows that he is a longtime critic of President Trump. In May, Gad tweeted that “Trump’s rhetoric has spread like a disease and rotted the brains of people across our vast country.”

“Perhaps this is the way many people always felt but now they certainly feel like they have a platform to be open w/ such ignorance & hate,” he added.

In May, Gad also lamented being “heartbroken,” not by President Trump but by the millions of Americans who voted for him and support his political agenda.

“I’m not heartbroken by our President’s recklessness, hypocracy [sic], vitriol, demonization of norms, attack on civil liberties or his predadorty [sic] treatment of women, because that’s what he ran on,” the Beauty and the Beast star wrote on Twitter. “I’m heartbroken by all who continue to support him knowing what he is.”



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