Actor Josh Gad ‘Heartbroken’ By Trump Supporters

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Actor Josh Gad says he is “heartbroken” by the millions of Americans who continue to show support for President Donald Trump, hours after he announced his decision to pull the United States out of the Iran deal.

“I’m not heartbroken by our President’s recklessness, hypocracy [sic], vitriol, demonization of norms, attack on civil liberties or his predadorty [sic] treatment of women, because that’s what he ran on,” Gad wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. “I’m heartbroken by all who continue to support him knowing what he is.”

Gad, who is best known for voicing Olaf in children’s musical cartoon Frozen and his role as Elder Arnold Cunningham in the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, sent out the tweet hours after Trump announced that he would pull the United States out of Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

The Beauty and the Beast star has previously made no secret of his opposition to Donald Trump, saying in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election that Trump sparked a “lot of thoughts that begin with ‘I’m’ and end with ‘terrified.'”

“People are entertained by the election coverage and that’s great because it brings eyeballs to both campaigns,” he said of the last election campaign. “But it’s also dangerous.”

“It starts to get away from substance and starts becoming more about, “Oh wow, I can’t believe that just happened,” Gad continued. “That worries me. I’m a father of two little kids. I’m as concerned for their future as I’ve ever been.”

President Trump’s approval ratings among American voters has spiked in the last month, with one recent poll showing his approval sitting at 50 percent support among swing-voting independents, 80 percent support from Republicans and a whopping 20 percent among Democrats.

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