Hillary Clinton: ‘Going to Watch as Much TV’ As Possible After Election


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hasn’t had much time to watch her favorite television shows during what has been a bruising campaign — but the candidate plans to watch as many of her favorite shows as she “possibly can” after November 8.

Clinton revealed her post-election plan in an interview with several young children released by People magazine on Tuesday.

“I do watch TV shows to relax,” Clinton said in response to a question from seven-year-old Georgie. “But I don’t get to watch them as much as I used to because I’m in an airplane, or I’m standing on a stage talking to people. So I’ve recorded a lot of shows.”

“And as soon as this election is over, Georgie, I’m going to watch as much television and as many shows as I possibly can,” she added.

Clinton has previously discussed her binge-watching television habits. In September, the candidate, returning to the campaign trail after a three-day bout with pneumonia, told reporters that she was “sad” that the CBS show The Good Wife had ended its seven-season run. But the candidate added that she gets a “big kick” out of CBS’ Madam Secretary, which kicked off its third season earlier this fall.

In a 2015 interview, Clinton said she is an avid viewer of HGTV when she wants to relax, listing Love It or List It and Beachfront Bargain as two of her favorite programs on the channel.

In her interview Tuesday, five-year-old Stella asked Clinton whether she’s funny, while four-year-old Tula asked whether the candidate had a bedtime.

“I do have a bedtime, but it’s really late, so you should not do this,” Clinton said. “Usually it’s like midnight, maybe even a little later, but if I can get to bed earlier I try to do that.”

Clinton added that she hopes to get back to a more regular sleep schedule once the election is over.


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