Limp Bizkit Fans Tricked Into Showing Up for Hoax 4/20 Concert at Ohio Gas Station

Janos Marjai/MTI via AP
Janos Marjai/MTI via AP

More than 100 Limp Bizkit fans waited for hours at a gas station in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday after they were duped into believing the rap rock band was putting on a secret show.

A man named Brian Baker created an event page promoting the supposed show on Facebook, which included an image of a fake Limp Bizkit Twitter account urging fans to “come party with us at the Sunoco in Dayton on 4/20!”

The hoax event was picked up by a pair of local media outlets, but the Dayton Police Department quickly got involved, and warned fans the show was a sham.

“BE AWARE: There is NO Limp Bizkit concert Wed. 4/20 at Sunoco station at Keowee St. & Wayne Ave. These ads FALSE,” Dayton Police wrote on Twitter.

Even Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst got involved, warning a fan on Twitter the rumored show was “NOT TRUE.”

“Don’t let them pull one on you,” Durst wrote a fan.

Nonetheless, fans gathered near the Sunoco station on Wednesday — also known as National Weed Day (4/20) — in hopes of seeing the once popular band rock out near the gas pumps.

WHIO in dayton reported a crowd of roughly 100 people eagerly waited outside of the gas station for the band, while another 50 people loitered across the street.

Several of them were heard shouting, “We want Fred [Durst]!”

After police ran off that crowd, another group of more than 100 people replaced it, per WHIO.

Among the people in the new crowd was a band of musicians and a woman wearing a costume bear head.

One Limp Bizkit fan told the outlet he knew the show was a “joke,” but said, it was “fun to see that something so weird can still pick up that steam.”

A man named Andy Rowe, who was once of the men who co-organized the event’s Facebook page, told the Daily Beast: “I have never laughed so hard like I have these last two days, yet understood so little about why it’s funny in the first place.”

“I keep asking myself, ‘Why does it seem like the whole world is bent on seeing Limp Bizkit play at this gas station?’” he said.

A Twitter user on Wednesday commented on the media circus, writing: “I lived across the street from the 4/20 Limp Bizkit Sunoco back in the day. Definitely a Bizkit neighborhood.”

Watch Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” below:


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