‘Gayby Baby’ Movie About Children Raised in Gay Homes Prepares for Worldwide Debut

‘Gayby Baby’ Movie About Children Raised in Gay Homes Prepares for Worldwide Debut

Startup film distributor Supergravity Pictures is now marketing the 2015 Australian documentary Gayby Baby, which tells the stories of four different children being raised in gay and lesbian families.

According to the company, Gayby Baby is “a gripping portrait of four Australian kids – Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham – whose parents all happen to be gay.” Supergravity also notes:

As they each wrestle with their own unique challenges, the outside world wrestles with the issue of marriage equality, and whether or not kids like them are at risk. GAYBY BABY is a rare feature documentary told from the perspective of kids in gay and lesbian families. The film is a microcosm of what children in same-sex marriages experience across the globe.

The film won Best Documentary at the 2016 Australian Film Critics Association Awards, in addition to being nominated for other awards.

Variety reported Tuesday the company will host screenings of of the film in more than 50 cities in the U.S. and elsewhere starting on Apr. 1.

It will then be released on digital video services on May 1, International Family Equality Day.

Supergravity founder Marc Hustvedt told Variety his company is “honored” to be marketing the film.

Hustvedt added he hoped to “help amplify the conversation around family equality.”

Gabby Baby will be marketed mostly through social media.

Director Maya Newell, who was raised by two lesbian women, said in a statement: “We made Gayby Baby because even though families like mine are not featured on billboards, gayby children have existed for generations and have a unique perspective on the world.”

Watch a trailer for the documentary below:


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