VIDEO – Teen Announces Football Games Despite Blindness: ‘It Just Comes Naturally’

Two special young men named Allan Wylie and Johnny Kilroy currently serve as the football broadcast team for Westlake High School in Ohio.

Kilroy performs the play-by-play while Wylie sits beside him and does the color, but one would never guess from listening that Wylie is blind, Fox 8 reported on Friday.

The young man picks up on the description of each play thanks to Kilroy and views it in a unique way as it happens.

Although Wylie has never seen a touchdown, he can still feel it.

“I’ve always loved coming to football games ever since I was little so I know, you know, all the different types of offensive schemes, the plays, how you’re supposed to run the plays, and it really just comes naturally,” he explained.

Wylie spends a lot of time studying football and chats with players and coaches prior to the games. But when he adds his commentary after a play, he knows exactly what he is talking about.

“You gotta love Allan. He always just thinks of the right thing to say, he’s always saying the right thing. He’s a very knowledgeable guy and he’s a great partner to have,” Kilroy noted.

Both young adults already know this kind of career is what they want to do in the years ahead of them.

Although Wylie realizes he will face many challenges, he believes he brings something to the game that is more than just football knowledge because he has an appreciation for football that comes from a person who feels it deeply.

“I would love to keep doing this. I plan to go to college and major in sports media sports communication,” he explained, adding, “The support we’ve gotten has just been incredible. We got support from the community, the families just seem really supportive of us.”

According to its website, the Westlake City School District provides young people a dynamic, student-centered, 21st century learning environment.


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