Watch — ‘Phil McCracken,’ ‘Wayne Kuhr’: Virginia School Board Hit with Hilarious ‘Bart Simpson’ Prank

Henrico Schools / YouTube

Someone call Chief Wiggum. Bart Simpson is on the loose in Virginia, pulling off random pranks on unsuspecting school board members.

As Simpsons fans would know, Bart has a penchant for prank calls, often to Moe’s Tavern, trapping his helpless victims in a game of double-entendres. A typical schtick will start with Moe answering the phone and Bart asking to speak with (insert funny name), prompting Moe to make a fool of himself as he calls out the name for all the patrons to hear.

Only when the patrons laugh does Moe realize he’s been duped. For reasons that hilariously remain unknown, this very prank happened at Henrico School Board in Virginia last Thursday.

As the video shows, school board member Roscoe D. Cooper III calls out several names of people who were supposedly scheduled to comment publicly about a measure being debated. Phil McCracken, Eileen Dover, Wayne Kuhr, Suk Mahdik, Ophelia McCaulk, and Don Kedick were among the list of punned-out names that poor Mr. Cooper failed to latch onto.

The culprit has yet to be identified and still remains at large.


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