WATCH: Constituent Calls Rep. Haley Stevens a ‘Coward’ for Dodging Critical Race Theory Question

Haley Stevens
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) earned ire from a constituent after she refused to take a position on Critical Race Theory lessons in classrooms.

Stevens, who was holding a town hall meeting last week in Northville, cited her position on the Education and Labor Committee when responding:

“What I want to do is to continue to support our schools to be able to educate the generation,” Stevens said to a mix of applause and shouts.

“I believe in local control,” she said, before adding she does not think “it’s a congressional issue, ma’am, so I’m not taking a position on that.”

“What a coward!” a man shouted.

Stevens went on to say “we should teach American history” as the man repeatedly heckled her.

The clip ended after a woman took the microphone from Stevens to lecture the constituent.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has come under increased scrutiny as parents across the country rally to root it out of lessons. CRT asserts racism is more than individual bias, but something that is embedded in every facet of life, such as legal and economic systems.

Public school parents are finding it is not a matter of merely avoiding CRT tenets, as administrators admit it is “woven through” the curriculum.

Talk radio host Rob Schilling posted a video clip Wednesday of district Diversity Resource Teacher Chris Booz telling parents that there is no opt-out because the race theories are spread across all subjects:

Booz overruled Joseph T. Henley Middle School Principal Beth Costa, who said parents could opt-out their children, just like they could for individual texts or lessons.

“Simply call the school,” Costa said during an April “Coffee with Costa” event.

Booz interrupted, “Dr. Costa, can I jump in? I just want to tell in regard to the opting out question. This work is happening in all content areas.”

“So teachers across the county are incorporating anti-racism work into their content,” she said, indicating “opting out” would not be feasible.

“This concept is going to be woven through in all of their classes in Albemarle County,” Booz said.

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