Popeyes Hands Out Free Chicken Tendies in Wake of GameStop Stock Surge

Chicken tenders
Unsplash/Logan Jeffrey

Popeyes Chicken launched a “Free Tendies Offer” on Monday as part of a promotional campaign built upon the recent GameStop stock surge and short squeeze.

Customers may add a side order of three-piece chicken tenders at no additional cost to orders of $5 or more.

Popeyes Chicken used a populist theme in framing its special offer.

“Tendies aren’t for the elite few,” the restaurant chain declared on Twitter. “They’re for everyone. Free #Tendies4Yall.”


The promotional advertisement depicted chicken tenders against a moving background resembling a stock market chart.

The fast food chain also composed its promo codes with the ticker codes of GameStop, AMC, Nokia, and Blackberry: $GME, $AMC, $NOK, and $BB.

Popeyes Chicken stated via Facebook, “We’re going to make sure no institution stands between the people and their right to tendies. Let’s get some tendies. #Tendies4Yall”:

The Associated Press reported Sunday:

GameStop shot up nearly 70%, clawing back much of its steep loss from the day before, after Robinhood said it will allow customers to start buying some of the stock again. GameStop has been on a stupefying 1,600% run over the last three weeks and has become the battleground where swarms of smaller investors see themselves making an epic stand against the 1%.

Robinhood, E*Trade, and other online brokers recently blocked investors from buying GameStop stock to obstruct shares of the video gaming retailer from further valuation increases.


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