VIDEO: Bullies Brutally Beat Autistic High School Boy, Steal His Shoes

A troubling video shows that an autistic boy was beaten and his shoes were stolen off of his feet by bullies at a Michigan high school.

The incident was videoed on September 2 as the child desperately tried to escape the bullies to no avail at Howell High School in Michigan. Two aggressors punched and wrestled the adolescent to the ground and one delivered a brutal kick to the boy’s side before stealing his shoes off of his feet, while another bully videotaped the attack. An investigation is underway and the assaulters may be facing adult charges as the video is now evidence in a criminal investigation.

Parents in the community have expressed outrage after the assault was brought to light thanks to the video.

Director of The Arc in Livingston county Anne Richardson expressed her concerns regarding the attack with Fox 2. “That poor kid,” Richardson began. “That’s all I could think of was how awful for him to have to experience this and what trauma that was inflicted on him.”

Mother Becky Bigelow explained to WXYZ that it ” is nauseating to see that. That makes me want to cry.” Bigelow would go onto suggest that the perpetrators be prosecuted. “Absolutely they should be prosecuted,” she continued. “The only thing we should be teaching our children is to love each other and be kind to each other and respect each other.”

Erin Mcgregor, superintendent of Howell Public Schools released a statement to the school community pertaining to the grotesque video:

I would like to address a video that is circulating on social media. The video shows an assault on a high school student that took place shortly after the school day concluded. The video is disturbing and it is troubling to know that this occurred on our campus. I know that the actions of a few do not represent our student body as a whole, as evidenced by the fact that it was students who brought this matter to the high school’s attention. Upon learning of the incident, the high school administration worked quickly to identify those involved. As a school and a district, we do not tolerate this type of behavior. The school has started the discipline process per the district’s student handbook, and law enforcement is involved.


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