VIDEO: Alleged Domestic Abuser Tells Boy to Place Plastic Bag over Mom’s Head

An alleged domestic abuser told a little boy to place a plastic bag over his mother’s head, according to disturbing livestream footage of the incident.

The video showed the woman sitting on a couch fixing a girl’s hair while crying. She said multiple times that she could not breathe.

“Do you want this to help you breathe until the meat wagon gets here? It’ll help you breathe until the coroner get here,” yells Edward Moore, 42, holding a plastic bag.

Moore (pictured) then allegedly ordered a little boy to place the plastic bag he was holding over the woman’s head.

“Put that bag on that bitch’s head and tie it up. She can’t breathe. Put it over her head as tight as you can and make sure she can’t get out of it,” Moore tells the boy.

The boy walks over, trying to place the plastic bag over his mother’s head, but he is unable to do so because he is confused by the situation.

Mobile, Alabama, Police arrested him on a charge of drug possession. Moore also has a lengthy rap sheet that includes charges of domestic violence and harassment dating back to 1998, WPMI reported.

Prichard Police say the woman is okay.

“She is okay. She is staying with a family member at this time,” said Cpl. Horace Jackson.

Jackson added that someone watching the livestream dialed 911 Monday morning, and officers showed up at the home to find Moore had already left, but not without allegedly strangling her and hitting her with a chair first.

Moore was arrested Thursday night on an assault/domestic violence third-degree charge but placed bond within 54 minutes.


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