WATCH: Enraged Customer Hurls Equipment at McDonald’s Employees

A McDonald’s customer threw restaurant equipment at employees after she was reportedly told they were out of ice cream.

Video footage of the incident shows customers quickly exiting the building as the unnamed woman grabs equipment and hurls it at employees standing behind the counter.

One of the employees fights back by tossing a large silver cup dispenser at the woman, who picks it up and throws it at them.

The woman then proceeds to grab a shopping bag held by another customer who yells, “No no no no! Not my stuff!” The woman then hands it back to her and proceeds to fight verbally with the employee. As the video continues, she is seen picking up the debris strewn all over the floor and throwing it behind the counter.

Another of the restaurant employees can be heard telling the woman “Chill! Chill!” as he tries to calm her down.

“You’re going to jail!” a man’s voice is heard saying as the woman turns and exits the building.

On July 22, a similar instance occurred when a woman entered a McDonald’s in Garden City, Georgia, holding a gun and reportedly complaining that her fries were cold.

The owner of the restaurant said the woman had previously ordered her food and left, but later returned with the weapon.

He said when he went to get her fresh food she followed him behind the counter and shot a bullet into the floor, according to a Fox News report.

“He also offered her a refund, which she took before leaving,” the report said. Police later located and arrested her in nearby Savannah.

In January, a McDonald’s employee in Florida fought back when a customer grabbed her after he complained that the drink station was out of straws.

Viral video footage showed Yasmine James, a 20-year-old former boxer, as she proceeded to hit Daniel Taylor, 40, when he grabbed her shirt and pulled her towards him over the counter.

“According to police, James, 20, punched Taylor in the face as he held the collar of her uniform. Other employees simultaneously worked to stop Taylor’s attack,” NBC News reported.

Police said after the altercation, Taylor allegedly kicked another employee as he exited the restaurant. Authorities located and arrested Taylor not long after the incident occurred.


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