McCabe: Firearms in this Country Are ‘Out of Control’ — Our Children Are at Risk

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now a CNN contributor, said Tuesday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that the “situation in this country with firearms” was out of control and causing our children to be in danger.

McCabe was reacting to three students being killed and six others injured in a shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan.

Cooper said, “Andrew, you and I sadly have talked about these school shootings many times, too many times before. The FBI has looked closely, has done studies of all the school shootings, and a lot has been learned about that. The quick reaction time, it seems like, today, may have been a result of what was learned from Columbine and others. When you hear the account from that student, what stands out to you?”

McCabe said, “Well, as the father of a 17-year-old senior in high school, I mean, it’s absolutely chilling. And you know, it forces me, as I hope it does every American, to ask the fundamental question of why are we putting our kids in the firing line when they go to school? Why? What is it about our country that we are awash in guns, and I say that as a gun owner, as someone who carried a gun for 21 years as a law enforcement officer? But the fact is that our situation in this country with firearms is out of control. And the perfect evidence of that is that our children are at risk when they go to school. It’s just head spinning. Really is.”

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