Spanberger: Reconciliation Bill Will Be ‘Either Fully Paid For or Almost Completely Paid For’

During an interview with CBS’ “The Takeout” podcast recorded on Tuesday and released on Friday, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) stated that the version of the Build Back Better reconciliation bill that will ultimately pass will be “either fully paid for or almost completely paid for.”

Spanberger said, [relevant remarks begin around 23:45] that it’s untrue that spending by Democrats is driving up inflation. She continued, “I’ll mention Sen. Portman (R-OH), at the White House, said that, in fact, the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is counter-inflationary. As it relates to the Build Back Better Act, which hasn’t yet passed the House — excuse me, has passed the House, hasn’t passed the Senate, will come back to the House, has a bit of a ways to go before it’s law, that bill, in its ultimate form, is either fully paid for or almost completely paid for. And the investments that we’re making there are investments in our community, investments in ensuring that people are putting food on the table and we’re lowering the cost of prescription drugs.”

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