Ron Johnson: Biden ‘Emanating Weakness’ with China

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) warned President Joe Biden was “emanating weakness” in his handling of China’s growing aggression.

Johnson, reacting to the three-hour call between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, said Biden was “demonstrating weakness” by failing to achieve peace. He argued that the president’s weakness “invites aggression” from the likes of Xi.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting much. I don’t think we got much,” Johnson said of Biden’s call with Xi. “But, you know, the bottom line — actions speak much louder than words. And unfortunately, what President Biden has been doing is been demonstrating weakness while Xi Jinping militarizes the South China Sea islands, threatens Taiwan with overflights, represses his own people, the Uighurs, we are actually — concerned more about wokeness in our military as opposed to military readiness. So, Xi Jinping understands that.”

He continued, “[W]e have a very weak president. He is just emanating weakness. His actions are weak, and weak invites aggression. You achieve peace through strength, and this administration is doing everything the wrong way in terms of making America stronger, to really achieve the type of peace and stability we need in the world.”

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