ABC’s Hostin: ‘I’m Sorry if Little White Kids Feel a Little Uncomfortable’ Learning About Systemic Racism

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that it was OK for White children to be uncomfortable while learning about racism in America because “black kids around this country are stigmatized and are made to feel uncomfortable every single day.”

Hostin said, “We had the Secretary of Education Cardona come on the show, and I asked him specifically is Critical Race Theory being taught K-12 in our public schools? He said, emphatically, no, it isn’t.”

She continued, “Critical Race Theory is something being taught in some law schools. It started in Harvard Law School. That is the truth of it, and we need to stop normalizing this argument that started in the right — on the right.”

She added, “Now it’s morphed into a parents’ rights argument. The rallying cry is parents’ rights. Please don’t teach my children about race. Christopher Rufo, he’s talked about the fact he decided to coin this as a wedge issue, as a divisive issue so Republicans could win races, and unfortunately, people have bought into it.”

Hostin concluded, “Now the message is white parents are being ignored when they complain their children aren’t comfortable learning about racism — that their white children don’t want to be uncomfortable. Well, let me tell you something, black kids around this country are stigmatized and are made to feel uncomfortable every single day. I don’t think it’s too much to ask white parents to allow their children to learn about the very real history in this country that is still very prevalent, the systemic racism that is still very prevalent in our country. What is so wrong with learning the real history of our country? I’m sorry if little white kids feel a little uncomfortable when they learn about it.”

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