Cotton: SCOTUS Commission Was an ‘Effort to Provide Joe Biden Cover’

During a Friday interview on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) sounded off on the White House’s presidential commission on the Supreme Court’s seeming reluctance to support court-packing.

According to Cotton, the commission was never supposed to make any changes to the Supreme Court. Instead, the Arkansas Republican said the commission’s purpose from the beginning was to provide then-presidential candidate Joe Biden “cover” from the far left.

“[T]his commission was never designed to try to improve the Supreme Court or fix any problems with it,” Cotton declared. “It was simply a way to provide cover for Joe Biden, who refused to take a position in the campaign on packing the Supreme Court. There is really not much wrong with the Supreme Court, and the way it functions aside from Democrats don’t like the way it rules in many cases. So, this commission from the very beginning has just been an effort to provide Joe Biden cover from his far left, and his far left is already criticizing it because they do want to pack the Supreme Court. They want to pack the federal courts more broadly. That is deeply corrosive of the rule of law, and most Americans would strongly oppose it.”

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