Dem Rep. Murphy: Would Recommend ‘Jail Time, Fines’ for Former Trump Aides Ignoring Subpoenas

During Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said she would recommend “jail time” and “fines” for any of the subjects of the January 6 select committee who choose to ignore subpoenas.

Host Joe Scarborough asked Murphy if members of the committee would call for any of the aides of former President Donald Trump refusing to comply with the investigation into the U.S. Capitol riot to be jailed.

Murphy called for the “full extent of consequences” to be used to make sure the subjects of the investigation understand ignoring subpoenas is “not acceptable.”

“Will it be the recommendation of you and other members of Congress that if these congressional subpoenas are ignored, that the Justice Department jail those who don’t comply?” Scarborough questioned.

“The consequences of criminal contempt are both fines as well as jail time,” Murphy replied. “My hope is that this Department of Justice will act on that because we have to demonstrate that we are serious about these subpoenas and that people who try to evade the subpoenas will face the full extent of consequences that is available by the law.”

“Would you recommend jail time?” Scarborough followed up.

“I would recommend the full extent of consequences — jail time, fines. We need to make sure that these people understand that this is not acceptable,” Murphy concluded.

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