S.E. Cupp: GOP Governors ‘Jackasses’ — Playing Politics with People’s Lives

CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp said Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that Republican governors who are balking at COVID vaccine mandates are “jackasses” playing politics with people’s lives.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statewide ban on all vaccine mandates in Texas. This includes huge corporations in Texas like AT&T, who, by the way, have already set employee vaccine mandates. It also goes against the Biden administration’s pandemic response plan, which hasn’t been too popular lately, according to his approval ratings. I say if Abbott is saying, you can’t have mandates, and if DeSantis is saying you can’t have mandates and others, there are a few others like that, and people are rebelling against the mandates against the vaccines, which is causing the problem to persist, why to blame Biden?”

Guest-host Sherri Shepherd said, “This is what’s horrible. I think in Texas has been 67,000 deaths due to COVID. I think overall. It’s been 700,000 deaths due to COVID. I think this pandering to Trump and trying to covet favor from this man who is not in office is absolutely horrible because people are dying. You can’t go to work. You just want to protect your children. You want to go to work. You want to provide. So if you can’t even trust your employer to protect you, then what are you supposed to be doing? You’re looking to the governor to lead you. I think it’s just a shame.”

Cupp said, “They’re playing politics with people’s lives. This is politics. You are absolutely right, Sherri. This is about, you know, boosting Trump’s anti-vax idiocy. I got to be honest. I’m a conservative. I’m a limited government small government get out of my way conservative, but if there’s any time for governments to mandate stuff, it’s during a pandemic when jackasses are taking my public health into their own hands and endangering my family and my colleagues and my co-workers. So I’m into it, I’m into these mandates.”

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