GOP Rep. Mace: Biden ‘Has Gone Full-on Socialist’

During an interview with FNC’s “Fox News Live,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) weighed in on the Democrats’ proposed massive spending bill, which is currently at a stalemate.

Mace noted how President Joe Biden was touted as a moderate when he was elected but said that “he has gone full-on socialist” by allowing the far-left members of the Democratic Party to try to push through their socialist programs.

“[T]here’s a lot of uncertainty right now in Washington, as you can imagine with the Democrats in disarray,” Mace stated. “And I think most of America thought that President Biden when he was elected, that he would be this moderate, left-of-center president, and he has gone full-on socialist with progressives like [Pramila] Jayapal and AOC and Bernie Sanders, who are literally writing the budget and have this massive shopping spree of socialist programs in the United States that they are trying to force their way through without working with anybody. And it’s an untenable position. And then you have the jobs report, right? This is a terrible jobs report before there is going to be mass layoffs by individuals who do not get vaccinated.”

“And then we have a vote on Tuesday over the … debt ceiling hike,” she added. “It’s a total mess.”

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