GOP Rep. Gallagher: China Is Allowing Bat Cave Tourism Because They Know COVID Origin Isn’t Natural, and Biden Is ‘Conceding’ to Them

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) reacted to a Washington Post report that China is allowing tourists into bat caves in Hubei Province by saying that if China really believed COVID came about naturally, they “wouldn’t allow people to go as tourists to the bat cave.” And the Biden administration is “conceding to the Chinese Communist Party” on this issue.

Gallagher said, “[T]hey’re still allowing bat cave tourism in Hubei Province. So, think about that, you can get access to the cave — you can’t get access if you’re a W.H.O. scientist, but you can if you’re a spelunker. And furthermore…if you really believe this was natural or zoonotic origin, and that it came from a bat cave, you wouldn’t allow people to go as tourists to the bat cave. So, the entire thing is a massive cover-up by the Chinese Communist Party, and you have to ask, where is the outrage from the Biden administration? They told us this would be a top priority. The 90-day intelligence community review was a complete joke and now they refuse — they’re conceding to the Chinese Communist Party on the most important question facing the world today.”

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