CA Gov. Newsom Defends Vaccine Mandate — ‘Just Another of the Many, Many Doses of Vaccines that Are Extending Their Lives’

Friday on “CNN Newsroom,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) sounded off on his recently-announced mandate that school children will be required to take a coronavirus vaccine for to attend in-person classes. The order will go into effect once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves vaccinations for that particular age group.

Newsom defended the mandate, describing it as “just another of the many, many doses of vaccines that are extending” the lives of children and keeping society healthy.

“Look, we already mandate 10 vaccines,” Newsom stated. “This is a significant announcement, but it’s probably the most predictable announcement. We require for mumps and measles and rubella and so many other diseases. We require vaccinations, and yet there’s something about this disease that’s become so polarized and so divisive, and it’s tragic.”

“[I] think as this gets socialized, as we lean in, as more states do what California is doing, I think you’re going to see those numbers changed, that anxiety changed, but that’s that’s also — in closing — a big part of our responsibility,” he added. “Reach out to those parents, a lot of good folks out there still with a lot of anxiety, particularly when it comes to our kids, and remind them of all the vaccines their kids are already safely taking and why this is just another of the many, many doses of vaccines that are extending their lives and keeping broadly our society healthy.”

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